I often get the inspiration for my work from my main job as an IT sales professional. However, it is not only the daily encounters with different people, buildings, rooms and technologies, but also the most varied situations that have to be mastered every day. Canvas, paint and a spatula are here a nice balance and relaxation.

Herbert Leistl

I often think that a colourful picture would be good for the room and the people working in it:

Art in the business environment as a motivating factor!

The fun at work plays an important role in the implementation (e.g. Sunday morning at 6 o’clock in the garden) and in the naming, such as the “golden corners” based on nut corners, the “beetle comet” circling around the sun or the “laughing genes”.

But the fun continues during the vernissage, new name ideas are born. Sunday No. 3″, for example, suddenly becomes a backlit waterfall due to its bright colours, or the Jungle becomes Frankenstein.

Have fun viewing the works!

Herbert Leistl

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Abstract Painting and Sculptures by Herbert Leistl